Hey, I’m Monika. I’m a personal trainer and Thai massage practitioner in Toronto.

I work with people who want to use movement and strength training to improve their quality of life, so they can continue to use their bodies to do what they love with less pain and more joy.

Check out how the different forms of work I do with my clients HERE.

I use Instagram, but mostly to post videos of myself playing mediocre ukulele. Want to follow me? @monvolkmar



Who is Monika?

Who the heck am I?? (isn’t that the question we’re all asking ourselves…). You can read more about this Monika character HERE.

Sometimes I write stuff

Writing helps me to understand what I think I know, and realize that I don’t know half of what I think I do. I write about my experiences working with the human body as it makes its journey from one foot to the other,

Want to read some of the stuff I wrote? Go nuts. 

Want to get in touch?

Want to learn more about what I do, set up an appointment, or just talk? Get in touch via email HERE.