Hey, I’m Monika, and this is my unprofessional website.

A few things about this site:

This website is my brain, outsourced, because my thoughts organize themselves better on the page than stuck within my skull (where they risk rotting and smelling).

I’m going to use this website to write the stuff that doesn’t fit in with my dance blog that I no longer write stuff on.

Sometimes I write stuff

Want to read some of the stuff I wrote? Go nuts. 

Who is Monika?

Who the heck am I?? (isn’t that the question we’re all asking ourselves…). You can read more about this Monika character HERE.

Want to get in touch?

I screen my calls, and also hate talking on the phone. You’re best off trying to email me.  Make me want to reply. I might get back to you if it seems important. You can test your luck with that HERE.

PRO TIP: Mention JCVD and I will reply faster.